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Air filtration systems

Atmosphere Sky™

Advanced Filtration for the effective disposal of allergens, pollen, chemicals,

odors, bacteria or viruses from the air.

Why is air filtration so important

We presume, that the costs of this purchase for your workspace will be paid off within about a year, due to less absence caused by sickness and the recovery of the personnel’s productivity and performance, which is impaired by the polluted air.

„Better workplace“ cannot be put into numbers, but we believe, that there is no better investment than the well-being and health of your personnel!


Another fact is that the air inside a building can be polluted up to five times more than the air outside. This is not only due to the emissions of the products that are used for the construction of the building or refinishing of the interior, but also the emissions of synthetic materials and other products that we bring into the building on a daily basis and the emissions of the machines. A laser printer for example can emit up to two billion nanoparticles with every page it prints. Since the air-exchange rate in buildings is naturally worse than outside, the air pollution increases accordingly. In addition, the fact that more and more buildings are being built in tight spaces, very close to one another, also contributes to this.


In an agglomeration a good ventilation system is exactly what brings the fine dust and exhaust gases, which are very harmful to our health, into the building. In many cases air-conditioning systems also act as distributors of bacteria.

​More and more diseases caused by the air pollution and especially the fine dusts (ultrafine particles, smaller than 0.1 micrometers) are being proven.


This can be put into a simple formula, as said by Joachim Heyder, the former head of the Institute for Inhalation Biology in the research facility for environment and health, in 2005: “The smaller the particle, the more dangerous it

The Atmosphere Sky™ Air filtration system

Thanks to the advanced technology, the high quality, and the high-performance filtration system, an efficient and quiet air filtration for your home is made possible. Atmosphere Sky’s three-step filtration system disposes more than 300 harmful substances from the air, such as allergens, pollen, chemicals, viruses, fungal spores, and bacteria. Atmosphere Sky also removes unpleasant odors.

Keep control of the air quality in your home by letting the harmful substances be disposed of around the clock. These pollutants can be as small as 0.0024 micrometers and are therefore not visible for the human eye.

Why Atmosphere Sky™?

The advanced technology, a high quality design, and a three-step filtration system make the disposal of 99.99% of all particles with a size up to 0.0024 micrometers possible and give you the chance to take control of the safety in your home, with a scope of up to 43.2 m2.

Atmosphere Sky offers an air purification capacity (CADR*) of 500m3/h, one of the highest on the market.

One device has the capacity to reduce the air-pollution in an average sized room** by 80% within 10 minutes.

The device operates with a noise level of 26 db (A) on the lowest speed and does therefore not disturb the normal daily life.

The device has been certified with the ENERGY STAR by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): It offers a high energy-efficiency whilst consuming very little power.

​The Atmosphere Sky System filtrates all 22 categories of allergens and 102 types of air pollutants.

***Atmosphere Sky is the first air filtration system, to be certified for all 22 allergens by Allergy UK.

***Atmosphere Sky is the only air filtration system to be certified by Allergy UK for effective removal of 102 types of air pollutants.***
* The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the measure for the air purification capacity of an air filter. It is determined through independent laboratory tests. The higher the CADR, the faster the air is being cleaned.

** Room size 20 m2.

*** Source: Verification of examinatios by the Access Business Group LLC (Amway) according to the Allergy UK Seal of Approval certification status.
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